Monday, April 19, 2010

Trouble Viewing Slideshows, Videos, Or Photos???

I am not sure if any of you out there in blogland run into this problem but thought I would post just in case. I have an older computer to start with & don't have all the latest bells and whistles. I have become more and more perturbed that as I go from blog to wonderful blog checking out the creativity of others that photos are missing or where videos should be there is just blank space.

It wasn't until recently when trying to view a video that I discovered the problem. I have a specific filtering software on my computer that blocks certain things like porn, malware, spyware, explicit material, etc. I had a nasty, an explicitly vile virus attack on my last computer so I am glad to have this feature on my current one!! I have a young teen daughter and want to know that my computer is safe for her to be on. The thing is, this software is a little too choosey and hence my viewing problem. The fix--when I go on to my blog I load up You Tube in another browser and turn off the filtre for my time on the computer and voila--the world of blogging is beautiful again. No problems veiwing pics or videos!!

Maybe this is common knowledge but just in case....hope this helps!

Sarah :)

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  1. Hi Sarah
    Heather is having the same problem. Here is her blog...maybe you can let her know.

    Karen x


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