Friday, May 8, 2009

Bella Joins the Army

My best friend is a medic with the Canadian Armed Forces and I wanted to make her a card to show her my appreciation for what she does! She has completed 2 tours of duty in Afghanistan and 1 tour in Bosnia. She has also completed 3 DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team) missions to Honduras, Turkey and Sri Lanka providing emergency medical care to the local people who have been hit by natural disasters. Needless to say I am very proud of her--she is one of the bravest people I know and has a heart of gold.

There aren't a lot of military themed stamps out there so when I saw what Alex Maldonado at had done with Cosmobella from Stamping Bella (see her May '07 archieves) I thought I would give her fun idea a try. The original stamp has Bella in capri pants & flip flops holding a martini glass--with a little masking and some hand-drawn art I was able to give Bella a military makeover with with a Canadian touch. The flag is part of the High Hopes stamp--Canadian Friends. I used Prismacolor pencils with mineral spirits to colour the image.

Here is another similar card I did for a soldier serving overseas to send home to their loved one(s). The "Much Love" stamp is from Michael's

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  1. Im sure your friend will love this card! God bless her.
    Im proud to be a CANADIAN!!

  2. Hallo dear Sarah,
    you have left me a comment on the PCP.. iam sorry i do not know go get around this site very well so i just use your blog to give you the information about that bear stamp :-)
    I got mine here:

    iam glad i went to your site.. because your cards are just adorable! you really rock the Bellas!!!
    have a great mothers day.

  3. Wow, I love your use of stamps on these cards, and your hand drawn boots I'm assuming? You can draw very well! You did an awesome job coloring the camouflage clothes, and I love the layout of both cards.
    I feel really good that I had a small part (the flag) in expressing love and gratitude to a dedicated Canadian soldier. That makes me feel very happy, to know where my stamp designs are being used!
    Thanks for sharing these inspiring gifts with us Sarah!
    (I called you Sally last comment, but I suppose that's ok! oops!)

  4. Wow Sarah...your cards are awesome.
    You did a great job with her makeover!!

    Karen x


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