Monday, September 27, 2010

A Chance to Support OUR Troops!!

2nd Annual--Strength Behind the Uniform--Charity Walk & Run

Yesterday, in my hometown, we had a chance to honour the men and women in uniform who bravely serve our country both overseas and at home. We also had a chance to honour, recognize, and celebrate the many military families who stand behind these soldiers!

As my husband and I walked along we had the chance to talk to a mother whose son is presently serving in Afghanistan. He's just shy of 21 and this is his first tour. It was interesting to hear a mother's perspective on deployment and of the many challenges she faces day in & day out as she tries to "keep it together". It made me so thankful for where I live and for the brave ones who have chosen this life of sacrifice.

My father served in the the navy for over 10 years and was away a lot when my brothers were small. My mom has told me many stories over the years of what it was like to try to "raise her boys" while dad was away at sea and the many hardships she had to endure. My dad got out before I was born so I never knew that way of life, but I have come to learn to greatly respect it.

My husband has a good job, he's home every night and he's not in harm's way...for that I am truly thankful. I live in a country where women are treated with respect as a rule & where I am free to vote without fear of violence or repercussion. My family has access to good health care & education and has opportunities at every turn. I have the freedom to practice my faith in peace and I don't have to hide my Bible. I have access to clean water, healthy food and my home is warm and clean. I remind myself every day that I am blessed and think of the many who have left these comforts and freedoms behind to serve in foreign lands...lands that don't operate in human justice & dignity or even comprehend the many blessings I enjoy.

So to those of you out there who serve and/or stand behind a soldier, my prayers & thanks go out to you. May God keep you safe!!

Here are some more pics from the day...

JUNO--Army Mascot

Warming Up...

Tie A Yellow Ribbon...

A Gorgeous Day for A Walk...And For Such A Worthy Cause ☺!!

Thanks for taking a look today!! Take the opportunity this week to thank a soldier, a policeman, a paramedic, or a fireman if you get the chance...maybe even buy them a cup of coffee!! Pray for those who are serving and for their families. Be thankful for what you have and tell the important people in your life how much they mean to you!! Instead of taking for granted the many blessings you enjoy, take time to count them!!!

Have a good one,

Sarah ☺

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  1. This was such a wonderful post. I think about the brave soldiers fighting for our freedom and safety every day and I pray for them nightly. Whenever I see someone in uniform, I walk up to them, shake their hand, and thank them. Thanks for posting this! Best, Curt


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