Thursday, June 3, 2010

Very Annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Due to some disturbing content that I found on my blog I have now switched to comment moderation.

The person below thought it would be amusing to pepper my blog with porn advertisements. Shall we say I AM NOT IMPRESSED.

I only found out about it because I went back into some old posts to check on some things. I actually took an hour and half to go back through every single post to make sure she didn't leave any more comments other places!! Almost every other post (sometimes consecutive posts) had comments from her and some other unknown porn site! I am sorry, but this was a huge waste of my time today for just plain nonsense!!

This person goes by Miss Jane--whether she/he is a real person or a front face for a business I am not sure!! (Sometimes creeps take other people's photos and use them for their own profiles.) If you don't currently use comment moderation I urge you to go back through your old posts and just check to see if you've been hit too!! Word verification won't do it as I found out the hard way!!

Here's her profile picture & the message as it appears in the comments--it's chinese so it doesn't show up in english unless you translate it--which I did--AGAIN NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss jane said...
May 19, 2010 4:08 AM

As for Miss Jane--should you choose to visit my site again--please keep your comments to yourself!!!!!!!

For those of you who do leave sincere comments--Thank You!! It encourages me & brightens my day!!



  1. Sorry this happened to you, Sarah. I'm on comment moderation for this purpose also. Disgusting isn't it? Take care, Angela

  2. Sarah, I have my comment setting so that it publishes the comments right away but it emails me a copy of every comment and I read them all. That way I can delete right away.

    Just a heads up on the photo, these people usually steal some random person's photo and use that. Unfortunately, our photos can be used by anyone that wants to snag it.

    I hope she leaves you alone now!!

  3. Yep, these people are creeps and I can't stand them. People say that's why they have word verification, but like you found out, that doesn't stop it. That's why I turned off my word verification a long time ago and went to comment verification. That way, I reject the comment and it never sees the light of day. I think when most of blogland wises up and does this, these creeps will have to go elsewhere to propagate their filth. Sorry you had to go through all the work you did. Best, Curt


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